10 Things You Should Know About Free Trade Zone in Miami


Are you a business person and you have heard about Free Trade Zone Miami before?  Well, if you are not aware what a foreign trade zone is, then you need to continue reading this article and know more about international foreign trade zones that can benefit your business. Free Trade Miami is one of the most popular U.S. foreign trade zones meant to promote trade to the Americas. Well, to make it simple for you, Miami Free Zone (MFZ) is a trade hub for the Americas that is a fully operating facility and a general purpose area as a foreign trade zone. The Free trade zone Miami is not a new establishment and dates back to 1979, and serves as the trade community for the Miami and the entire Florida.


Local Miami tenants of the Free Trade Miami enjoy many trade benefits that are enjoyed in other international free trade zones in the USA. Some of the benefits that local Miami tenants enjoy from Ftz Miami include tax savings, lessened regulatory requests and duty deferrals among others. The most interesting part about Ftz Miami is that it is strategically located and an ideal gateway for all imports and exports from the Caribbean and the Latin America. If you intend to export or bring goods from these regions, Free Trade Zone Miami will help you to conduct your businesses more effectively. Some of the unique services that you enjoy here include experienced logistic support, customized showrooms and flexible warehouses that will match with your trade needs. Ftz Miami also offers tenants with abundant executive office space and on-site U.S Customs and border protection offices among other privileges.

International Foreign Trade Zones

It is worth noting that international foreign trade zones are meant to save traders expenses and other cost associated with international trade. Free Trade Miami does more than that and traders have an opportunity to move their trade goods in and out of the area with ease and with fewer restrictions. With Miami free zone, tenants are sure that they will save you good amount of money through duty elimination, cheap insurance, merchandise process fee weekly entry and duty deferral among others.

Get Your Miami Foreign Trade Zone Today

Well, if you are not familiar with free trade zone, now you have some basic information that can help you to take your business to another level. Just like other free trade zones in the USA, Free Trade Zone Miami is a designated area that is outside the commerce and customs territory of the USA. Ftz Miami, therefore, allows traders to assemble their products, manufacture and do other activities that they find necessary before reaching the consumers without incurring more costs. Well, now you know. Inquire about Miami free zone and get a quotation so that you can take advantage of this amazing trading opportunity.





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