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eCommerce Fulfillment Center – Key Considerations!

fast shipping speeds along with low shipping costs for both international order and domestic order fulfillment & shipping.
Domestic order or international order fulfillment & shipping usually involves a lot of moving parts from the time the product leaves your warehouse to when it finally reaches the target consumer. Here are some of the key shipping factors to consider.

Key Shipping Factors

  • Sales volume –In order to find the most suitable eCommerce fulfillment and shipping services, you must first determine your sales volume. This includes the number daily, monthly and yearly sales.
  • Handling costs – This includes the materials you need for packaging your products for either domestic order or international order fulfillment & shipping. These packaging materials include boxes, labels, and tape among others.
  • Drop off or pickup times – This is the amount of time it takes for you to prepare an order for shipping.
  • Distance between vendors
  • Shipping speed – Do you have any time-sensitive orders? Do you want to save money with slower shipping speeds?
  • Tracking ability – Do you plan on offering the ability to monitor shipment’s progress.
  • Average weight and range of shipments along with how it may affect your bottom line.

Once you have answered all the above questions, you are now ready to start looking for vendors that fit both your budget and provide the most suitable eCommerce fulfillment & shipping services.

Choosing your Shipping Vendors

Small businesses must take the time to determine the best shipping options for their needs. Since you will not likely have the financial resources to set up your own warehouses or even contract drop shippers across the nation, it is better to build smart and strategic relationships with leading third-party logistics in Miami, Florida area. A third party logistics firm can easily leverage a large volume of inventory of a number of smaller online merchants to provide far better domestic order and international order fulfillment & shipping.

Ultimately, even when using the latest shipping analytics and technologies, it is important that you have a clear product shipping policy on your website. Avoid over promising, especially with free shipping during peak times or high sales. All in all, if you partner with an experienced logistics company like Global Warehouse Solutions in Miami, Florida, USA, your online store will likely be more successful.

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