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Hiring the Top Transportation and Logistic Freight Shipping Services in the US

The definition of third party logistic is quite diverse contingent upon the person that you will ask.  But basically, their service is still focused on the standard services. That is according to the 2015 study that states that around 80% of the companies utilized 3PL for transportation and around 67% of them acquire the help of logistic freight shipping.  When you are outsourcing your transportation services in USA and logistics services, it is essential for you to find the right company for your delivery and shipping services.  Let us take a look first on the 3 types of 3PL.

3 Known Types of Third Party Logistic

General Provider

  • This Third Party Logistic is offering a long list of task for different clients.  They have the capacity to complete a myriad of task from being a storage solution, delivering and manufacturing.  Commonly, they will have certification to provide an array of task that is ideal for company that is looking for delivery and shipping services.

Niche Provider

  • The Niche providers are generally concentrated in providing a certain service in the logistic process such as Cargo Shipping.  For instance, if a company needs someone to handle a product fulfillment but they do not have a warehouse, the logistics freight shipping will handle it all.  Some of the option that you can find in a niche provider includes Rail Access, trade zone, certified space and freezer space.

Freight Forwarders in USA

  • This type of Third Party Logistic serves as the agent between the retailer and the manufacturer. They can be considered as 4PL because they act as an outside vendor who serves as an agent to the other providers of logistic service such as the business cargo transportation in Miami.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Provider of Transportation Services in USA

  • The number of Provider- you need to know if you are using the same cargo shipping in U.S services for the storage and transportation.  When determining the right amount of provider, you should already be aware about your scope of project, and the possibility that the number will change.
  • Company Presence- Is there a region that is crucial for your operation?   The nature of your company should still be the prime consideration when choosing the Logistic Freight Shipping services.  Are you a budding business that targets a specific city or state or are you a company that ships your product in the international market?
  • Services Offered- Of course, you also need to think about the services that they are offering to their clients.  Do you require a fulfillment service or a rail service?  Be sure that the delivery and shipping services has the capacity to handle different task that can arise depending on the situation.

Finally, you should conduct an interview to the possible provider of business cargo transportation in Miami in order to understand the value that they are offering.  Find out the things that make them a perfect fit for your company.

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