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Hiring the Best Pick and Pack Warehouse for Your Business

Warehouse Service is one of the factors that you need to consider when your line of business is dealing with shipment of product.  The great choice should provide picking, packing and shipping the product.  The best pick and pack warehouse is critical when running your business.  The private warehouse comes with an excessive cost that may not be ideal for your business.  Let us first take a look at the three types of wholesale business warehouse that you can choose from.

An Overview on the Three Types of Warehouse

Contract Warehouse

  • The lease contract for the contract warehouse that offers pack and ship services usually lasts for about 6 months or longer.  However, the price of renting a warehouse is generally less expensive.  There are other features that come with a contract warehouse such as 24-hour security, forklifts, racking and dedicated docking.

Public Warehouse

  • The solution that the public warehouse is offering is ideal for the business with larger capital.  The costs of acquiring their fulfillment service in Miami are commonly in a fixed price rate and generally per month.  It is a cost-efficient solution to the unexpected and seasonal increase in the inventory.  It is generally more costly compared to the Contract Warehouse.

Private Warehouse

  • Private warehouse is most probably operated and managed by the company that distribute and manufactured their own line of product.  This type of wholesale business warehouse provides you the control on the different aspect of security, equipment, personnel, and warehousing.  It is generally the most costly type of warehouse due to the amount that you need to invest in buying or building your warehouse.  Aside from the cost of facility, you also need to invest on the picking and packing equipment and the cost of hiring and training your staff.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Pick and Pack Warehouse

  • Location-You need to know if you want a warehouse that is close to your company or near your customers, near the freight services or railway station.  In case they are far, you need to figure out the cost of transportation when moving your product.
  • Cost-It is necessary for you to analyze the cost of the warehouse for each square foot.  But also add the tax, transportation, and all the necessary expenses.  Will they provide additional services such as shipping picking and packing, order fulfillment, reporting of inventory, management, and other services on their price rate?  In the state of economy today, it is highly essential for you to consider the cost of renting wholesale business warehouse.
  • Access- you also need to figure out how often people can get an access on the pick and pack warehouse.  Will they provide you with a list of people who normally access the warehouse?  How often will then allow you to get an access to the warehouse.

Choosing the right type of warehouse that provides a fulfillment services in Miami is essential for every business.  It is a way to ensure that all your products are intact before they were delivered to your customers.

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