What is a Warehouseman?

The warehouseman is commonly referred to a company in the business of implementing the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) for the Depositors, and all those affiliated with the service.


What is a Depositor?

A depositor is a company that contracts with the warehouseman to handle all of their 3PL’s requirements to avoid their

in-house handling of storage and distribution.


What is 3PL?

Third Party Logistics (3PL) defines a company that takes possession of, responsibility for, but not ownership of the goods

stored in the warehouse for the handling of all required duties related to receiving, storing, and shipping the product in

the name of the Depositors.


What advantages will I get from of public warehousing?

* Improved efficiency.

* Well defined expenses.

* Security provided by a warehouseman.

* No capital investments in facilities

* No equipment or human resources.

* Eliminating risks and damages on private facilities.

* Saves money with the predictable cost for storage and handling.

* Avoiding the learning curve with new 3PL technologies, which are absorbed by Warehouseman.

* Depositor’s distribution system is insulated from labor disputes.

* Warehouse safety and regulatory pressure are not the Depositor’s concern.

* Avoid obligations for worker’s compensation.

* Reduced tax exposure since the Depositor does not pay a real estate tax.

* Ability to accommodate market peaks and dips on a monthly basis.


What will you get from the warehouseman?

* State-of-the art technology to processes the Depositor’s individual requirements.

* Facilities to satisfy all your shipping and handling requirements.

* Skilled professionals who will control your inventory with maximum efficiency.

* Cost effectiveness through all steps in the logistics process.


Why are so many companies now use 3PL?

* 3PL cost less than maintaining a private warehouse.

* Not need to oversee day to day warehousing activities.

* Allowing you to concentrate on the more lucrative areas in your company.

* Unlimited company growth without warehouse capacity limitations.